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There are stories of people using cannabidiol for a health condition, getting relief from it, and then starting their CBD company. Those stories are prevalent among RA patients and people with other autoimmune conditions. As per a recent Arthritis Foundation poll, 29% of arthritis patients report using cannabidiol, whereas around 80% were using CBD, used it, or were considering its use.

There is growing evidence that phytocannabinoids can ease RA pain and serve as an anti-inflammatory substance with few side effects. Rheumatologist Anca Askanase states that there are more organized research pieces about the advantages of phytocannabinoids such as CBD for arthritis of this type. As for Askanase, people have embraced the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis, and it helps to ease pain, particularly in RA patients.

Further Research Essential About CBD For Arthritis

Positive feedback aside, Askanase warns that further studies do not mean enough pieces of research. Askanase says that cannabidiol has been approved federally before there is enough research to even support its use. Like other rheumatologists, a reason for Askanase’s skepticism is that phytocannabinoids can trigger side effects if smoked. For instance, RA patients can be more in danger of developing heart and lung issues, which are likely to aggravate due to marijuana smoking.

For Askanase, another concern is the likely habit-forming nature of cannabis. Askanase explains that almost everything that acts on the human brain, similar to phytocannabinoids, has some habit-forming potential. Askanase recommends looking further into it.

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The Fact About Cannabidiol And RA

Still, notwithstanding the insufficiency of research about CBD and arthritis, RA patients report that cannabidiol has considerably reduced their aches. As per a recent survey, 80% of the participants on cannabis to relieve pain found it very helpful. Up to 82% of the survey respondents on OTC pain medications reported lessening or stopping the use of the drugs. Further, 88% of the respondents on opioid painkillers reported lessening or stopping their use.

There is also research showing that cannabis has an anti-inflammatory property that can aid in addressing RA-related inflammation. As per a recent review, researchers have discovered that cannabinoids activate CB2 receptors, reducing cytokine production and showing anti-inflammatory results.

The researchers concluded that the cannabis plant may be appropriate for use in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Askanase is one of the many rheumatologists who shows interest in more research about cannabidiol for RA. However, she tells people not to use it as a standalone treatment option.

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