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CBD can remain in our bodies for days after we have consumed it. Some studies have shown CBD in urine four or five days after the consumption of a single dose. Although CBD is considered safe and nontoxic in nature, many CBD users would want to know how long the compound stays in our system and for how long its effects can last. Listed below are some factors that influence the duration of retention of CBD by our body.

Influence Of Diet On CBD Levels In The Body

The retention of CBD in our body can depend on many factors. The major among those is the kind of diet we follow and the kind of food that we consume immediately before or after we take a sufficient dose of CBD. Studies show that CBD is expelled from the body faster when taken on an empty stomach. When combined with fatty foods, CBD takes longer to leave our system. In a nutshell, our bodies absorb CBD better when it is taken along with food high in fat content.

Drug Interactions With Other Medications

Certain medications that you take while taking pure CBD may cause interactions with the compound and result in varying levels of absorption of the same. The liver is responsible for producing enzymes that help break down medications and other compounds that enter the body. Some prescription medications can affect these enzymes, resulting in an increase or decrease in their activity. Dr. Johnson-Arbor, a triple-board certified medical toxicologist, says that the metabolism of CBD may be altered based on some medications that are metabolized by the liver and also due to liver diseases, resulting in undesirable reactions.

Frequency Of CBD Use And Retention By The Body

CBD is a compound that is highly soluble in fat. When used for long periods and with increased frequency, the compound can get built up in our system, with its effects lasting from days to weeks. CBD can build up in our fatty tissues as a result of long-term use. The same rule applies to the quantity or dosage of CBD. A single high dose of the compound may stay longer in our system when compared to a smaller dose.

The average period for a normal dose of CBD to be eliminated from our body is around 85 hours. This period, however, depends largely on factors such as our diet, medications, dosage, and frequency of use of CBD.

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