CBD customers have an almost unlimited number of options in today’s hemp market. While this is good for consumer choice, it can make the first-time shopping experience extra stressful. It’s no secret that the CBD industry is rife with scammers who don’t properly screen their products. How can you tell which CBD manufacturers are truthful?

Well, one way to figure out which hemp companies meet their advertisements is to read through unbiased reports from companies like Real Tested CBD. Our technicians review some of the most hyped CBD products to see if they live up to their posted claims.

Recently, Real Tested CBD took a closer look into a prominent Texas-based hemp company called Favor CBD. On its website, Favor promises to use the highest-quality CBD hemp in its lab-tested formulations. But does that mean Favor CBD is telling the truth?

How Did Favor CBD Fare On Real Tested CBD?

To get a thorough read on Favor CBD’s offerings, Real Tested CBD tested three of this company’s products at accredited labs. The products Real Tested CBD bought from Favor CBD include:

  • The CBD melon lip balm
  • The sandalwood hemp lotion
  • The mint-flavored CBD tincture.

Overall, all of these items performed well in our lab analyses. In fact, all of Favor CBD’s products had an overall score of between 79 and 83 out of 100. This gives Favor CBD an overall trustworthiness score of 81.

On the negative side, both the mint CBD tincture and CBD melon lip balm had slightly lower CBD percentages than those claimed on the label. However, the discrepancies weren’t high enough to warrant significant concern. Interestingly, the sandalwood hemp lotion had far above the posted CBD percentage in our screenings.

Another positive for Favor CBD is that most of its products had many secondary cannabinoids like CBC and CBN. Favor CBD’s products are also relatively affordable at $0.08 per mg of CBD in the tincture and $0.05 per mg of CBD in the sandalwood lotion. However, the CBD lip balm was a bit pricier at $0.48 per mg of CBD.

True to Favor CBD’s official claims, all of these CBD products had zero detectable pesticides, solvents, and heavy metals.

Please visit this Real Tested CBD link if you need more details on how we tested Favor CBD’s items.

Does Favor CBD Offer Other Products?

Favor CBD has an extensive line of hemp-derived items. In fact, there are six official product categories on Favor CBD’s website:

  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD disposable vape pens
  • Skin-safe CBD lotions
  • CBD lip balms
  • CBD body oils
  • CBD face mists

You’ll find various flavors, potencies, and THC concentrations within each of these categories. However, to stay in line with the 2018 US Farm Bill, Favor CBD makes sure its products have ≤ 0.3 percent THC. Also, the company posts official heavy metal, microbial, and pesticide lab reports online.

Is Favor CBD A Legit Brand?

Real Tested CBD sees zero evidence that Favor CBD is a disreputable brand. Although some of Favor CBD’s products didn’t live up to the posted CBD milligram count, they weren’t drastically off-base. Also, the company is very transparent with its third-party lab tests online.

Do Yourself A “Favor” And Check Real Tested CBD’s Reviews

Favor CBD appears to be a reputable brand in the US hemp industry. However, please remember that Favor CBD is one of countless hemp companies offering CBD products to customers. If you don’t feel like Favor CBD has the products you want, please know you have many other options.

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