Gas stations don’t have the greatest reputation for selling high-end food & beverages. If you buy something from a gas station’s convenience section, you’re probably reaching for a quick & cheap snack. Quality considerations likely don’t factor too much into your shopping decisions in a gas station.

So, does that mean that the CBD you see in gas stations is subpar quality? If you need to restock your stash of hemp, is it “bad” to run out to your gas pump and buy a bottle of CBD? While purchasing CBD at a gas station can sometimes be tempting, it’s generally not advisable for CBD customers.

Is It Always Bad To Buy CBD From A Gas Station?

In most cases, the CBD you’ll find in a gas station isn’t good quality. That’s not to say every CBD brand in every gas station is trash, but the odds aren’t in your favor.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake CBD products on today’s market. Since the FDA doesn’t screen the hemp industry, it’s easier for disreputable companies to offer CBD oils with high traces of toxic compounds like lead, butane, or cadmium. There are also reports that many “CBD products” in gas stations exceed the legal limit of ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC.

If you can’t find any reliable info online about the CBD brands in your gas station, you shouldn’t take the risk. High-quality hemp companies should be as transparent as possible with customers. The best CBD products come with extensive third-party lab test results and robust customer care divisions. Generally, the CBD products in gas stations don’t meet these high criteria.

When Is It Ever OK To Buy CBD From Gas Stations?

We’ll reiterate that not all of the CBD oils or hemp pre-rolls in gas stations are bad. However, you’ll have to do some investigative work to separate the good CBD items from scammy products.

Before ordering CBD oil from a gas station, please look up the brand’s website. Does this company publish third-party lab results on its site? What do others in the hemp community have to say about this CBD oil? You could also see if Real Tested CBD reviewed the CBD brand you’re staring at.

Please collect as much info as possible before deciding whether a CBD product is legit. The more positive data you find on a CBD item, the greater odds you will make a smart purchase.

If I Shouldn’t Get Gas Station Hemp, Where Could I Shop For CBD?

Gas stations may be the most convenient location to pick up CBD oil, but there are dozens of other reputable places to find high-quality CBD shops. For instance, many big-name CBD brands in the USA have professional websites with transparent third-party lab tests. Customers could also find top-tier CBD oils at dedicated vape shops, headshops, and natural health food stores.

Please remember that Real Tested CBD publishes dozens of lab-verified reviews for CBD items. With our partner KCA Labs, Real Tested CBD takes an unbiased look into the most hyped hemp CBD products. For more information on our testing standards, please check out our website.

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