Microdosing began with magic mushrooms in Silicon Valley, but the concept has penetrated into the legal hemp market. There are now many people who rave about using small doses of CBD oil for exceptional results. However, some people say “megadosing” CBD helps them combat various symptoms.

New customers who read these anecdotal testimonies are understandably confused about dosing their CBD oil. Is it better to take tiny amounts of CBD, or should people take more CBD for better effects?

A Few General Guidelines On Dosing CBD Oil

Before getting into the specifics of microdosing and megadosing CBD, we should review the basics of dosing any new substance. When introducing a cannabinoid like CBD to your body, it’s always best to start with the lowest recommended dose. Please never exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations when first testing a CBD product.

If you notice you aren’t experiencing side effects from your CBD oil, you can increase the dose by a smidge each day. Most CBD fans recommend bumping up the dosage by about 5 – 10 mg per day until you feel phenomenal results. Please be sure to taper back your dose if you notice side effects like nausea, digestive upset, or itchy skin.

This slow and steady strategy may be boring, but it’s the only way to safely gauge how your body reacts to CBD. To avoid going through this process every time you buy a new CBD product, you should note your preferred CBD levels in a journal. Be sure to consult these numbers when trying out CBD items.

Does It Make Sense To “Microdose” Or “Megadose” CBD?

Why would anyone consider either “microdosing” or “megadosing” their CBD oil? There are a few theories surrounding these dosing strategies, most of which have yet to be proven in clinical trials. However, in certain circumstances, customers may notice better effects if they use CBD amounts that are lower or higher than their average dosage.

For instance, microdosing CBD is often used during the day to enjoy CBD’s anti-anxiety effects without interfering with work. People prone to CBD’s sedative properties usually find that microdosing CBD eliminates the risk of feeling sleepy. Interestingly, lower doses of CBD may increase productivity rather than slowing you down.

By contrast, “megadosing” CBD with products like CBD concentrates will probably make people feel pretty sleepy — and that’s the point! Higher levels of CBD are more closely associated with sedative effects, which is why many people with insomnia like taking “megadoses” of CBD from time to time.

Many medical cannabis patients love using high-intensity CBD products for rapid relief from symptoms. High-potency products like vape carts or CBD moon rocks can deliver intense effects in minutes. These results may be desirable if people need help managing acute symptoms.

However, please remember that “megadosing” CBD carries a higher risk for side effects. Patients should always talk with their primary care doctor if they’re thinking about using deliberately high doses of CBD. Just because CBD is “non-intoxicating” doesn’t mean it’s without risks. It’s only a good idea to “megadose” your CBD oil on special occasions when you have plenty of time to relax at home.

Never Dose CBD Until You Check Real Tested CBD!

Finding the correct dose for your CBD oil is crucial, but it’s not as significant as finding the right hemp-derived product. If your CBD extract is of inferior quality, there’s no point in taking a “proper dose.” Always verify the CBD oil you’re taking has zero traces of contaminants and the legal amount of delta-9 THC.

The easiest way to scan CBD brands is to take a peek at Real Tested CBD’s unbiased reviews. Our team solely relies on scientific lab screenings when evaluating CBD hemp companies. You can find all of our latest CBD oil reviews on our website.

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