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Most CBD products like edibles, cosmetics and dietary supplements are not approved for safe use by any regulatory bodies, such as the FDA. Lack of clarity in the information regarding the extent of CBD use in such products is often a matter of concern among consumers. Effectiveness and side effects of CBD products are often subject to speculation because of the lack of sufficient scientific evidence to back such claims by manufacturers.

Misleading Information

The beneficial effects of CBD are considerable when used as a supplemental therapy. But many manufacturers make unproven claims about the effectiveness of their CBD products. This misleading information may influence and thereby prevent patients from getting the proper diagnosis and care for their medical conditions.

This happens mostly when patients convinced by the unproven claims of manufacturers, resort only to CBD products for the treatment of ailments and management of symptoms. This would result in a lack of timely medical intervention, leading to an increased risk of the progression of the disease. Such blind beliefs on the therapeutic effects of unethically marketed CBD products may also adversely affect the prognosis and supportive care of patients suffering from debilitating medical conditions.

Unsafe Manufacturing Practices

Manufacturing processes that do not adhere to specific safety protocols would often result in the production of low-grade materials that may also be contaminated with harmful components. The inclusion of unsafe levels of pesticides, heavy metals and higher-than-desirable levels of THC in various CBD products can be attributed to a lack of proper processing controls and unsafe practices at the manufacturing facility.

The continued and unregulated use and exposure to such low-quality products may affect public health in the long run. Unethical manufacturing practices may lead to environmental pollution as well. Since there are not enough laws to regulate the production and usage of the ever-increasing number of CBD products, ensuring the quality of CBD products consumed becomes primarily the responsibility of the users.

Though disputable, the therapeutic effects and benefits of pure CBD products have been proven time and again. Concerns about safety and side effects may prevent many people from enjoying the myriad benefits of CBD. The best way to work around this problem is to obtain your CBD products from trustworthy manufacturers who are transparent in their process and provide accurate information regarding the content and potency of CBD and other ingredients in their products.

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